My projects

My personal project come with License GPL. If you want to contribute to this projects or if you want simply informations about, contact me without problems at the email address that you find at the bottom of page.
For the projects where I contribute look of the main page of the preojects.

Web Postin

A webmail (client) for account pop3, write in php. Actually alpha version.

To the following link you can dowloand the archive with the source.


Debian e-zine

Project of community It's an italian review about debian.

The first number is out! The april first 2009 (it's not a joke!) was pubblicated the number 0 of "Debianizzati". The review can be see at:

Clinical Database, gnu med

The idea is to join the project gnumed to contribute for its development and to create a swiss version.
Announce will be pubblicated on this page.

Actually I contribute for the italian translation of the project. If you want to help on translation you can join the following link and start to work ;-):