That's me!

I present myself. My name is Bruno Minotti, I am 28 and I am physician. My passion for informatic was born when I was a child with the first computer of my uncle: a Commodore 128. By ca. 12 years old I wrote my first programs in BASIC: from little mathematical applications (for example, find all prime numbers), to a little elementary game of kind "shoot to the man". After a short pause of "non-production" I start again at secondary school with the first knowledges of web 2.0 and write my first web page. Again a pause. On 2006 come back the passion and write an other web page in XHTML 1.0, with W3C standards. At the end of 2007, after years and years of mac (after the first Commodore), the switch for GNU/Linux for phylosofic reasons. At the end of the year, convincted debian GNU/Linux user and active member of the community Since end of 2008, member of the free software foundation europe.

Outside of the informatic (and job) I am appasionated of mountain, particularly of climbing. Although the extracantonale presence for professional reasons, I try to support as a teacher the young group of CAS (Club Alpino Svizzero) Bellinzona e Valli and of UTOE (Unione Ticinesi Operai Escursionisti) Bellinzona.

Between other passions, music, football, tennis and dive.